Meet The Team

Selecting All Star Event Vendors

First off, how important is it for your to build your all-star vendor team for your special event or wedding?

A) Not that important? Okay, best of luck.

B) Very Important. Okay! Read on!

1) Personal Referrals…but be careful. Consider the source.

Ask around. Have you been to any weddings or events lately? How was the DJ? How was the food? How did the event flow? Did you like it? dislike it? Ask your friend for that recommendation. Most good businesses work on “word of mouth” for a reason. They’re good!

2) Ask Strangers too. Mainly your other vendors. Your wedding planner or venue contact will have a preferred vendor list. They are not close friends so I am calling them strangers. But, really, they share a different perspective then your friends. They do this for a living so they value these vendors differently. They value these vendors on seeing their work multiple times and the professionalism that they see. Your friends may have only seen this vendor once and may not value professionalism the way other vendors do.

Strangers also refers to “word on the street”. Who’s Hot? Who’s Not? Who is in demand?

3) Read the Online Reviews. The good ones and the bad ones too.

Everyone can receive praise. Receiving negative feedback is common. It’s how they respond that matters. Also, what is the volume of negative reviews? Does the company try to hide them. Most company’s are on Yelp, Wedding Wire, and other review sites. Check them out. If they don’t have a profile, ask yourself, what are they hiding?

4) Go with your gut! If cost was not a factor, would you want them to be a part of your event? IF yes. See what you can do to make that happen. Obviously if they are way over budget, you simply can’t do it. But maybe one vendor adds more “value” versus the other. Perhaps, there are other cost centers that can be cut to afford that all-star vendor and still stay within budget!

5) Lastly. Choose All-Stars for the right reasons. Hopefully, because they are the most qualified to perform their task. Do it for you, not anyone else. The important part is that you like this vendor You like working with them and they maintain good ethics. Just because they’re the hottest vendor in town, does not entitle them to be rude to you. You’re hiring them, not the other way around. Don’t put all your stock in other’s opinions. If you like them, hire them!

Good Luck!