What You Forgot to Ask Your DJ About Up Lighting.

If you’re hosting an event or getting married, chances are you have considered up lighting your event space or ballroom.  piedmontdrivingclub odc gt2Here are some examples.

Now, some things to consider. How much does it cost to rent them? Many DJs offer up lighting so be sure to check with them. However, there are so many factors.

1) Are they LED? Par Cans can talk up a lot of power and get really hot. LED is the way to go for sure!

2) Are they RGB (Red, Green, Blue) or RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, Amber)? If you want LED lights, but also have “amber” or any type of yellow, you’ll need RGBA.

3) Are they Wireless or Battery Powered? All of the lighting pics you see are made possible because there are no cords. One, cords can be ugly, and you’re not about to plan an “ugly” event. Two, wireless LED lights allow you to up light a column, or a room with limited electricity. See pics of the Biltmore Ballrooms. We up lit the columns and on the sides.

4) Do they have Wireless DMX Control? This is a little complicated in one blog, but what it does is allow the DJ to control the color from his or her table. If you walk into the room and ask to have the color change, he or she can change the color with just one flick. Maybe a video would help with this. We shot this thing a long time ago!

5) How powerful are the lights? These type of lights can cost anywhere from $99 all the way up to several thousand dollars each. There has to be a reason right? It’s the lumens. Make sure, that you get lights that are bright enough for your venue space. Just getting “up lighting” is not enough information to really know what you are getting.

We hope your event is beautiful and classy with some new information on up lighting.

For information, email us at or call our office line, (404) 806-9499.

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