Top 10 “Cheesiest” Wedding DJ Routines by Amp’d Atlanta’s Mike Walsh

10. The Shoe Game. We gave it a “10” because it’s not that “cheesy”.  But a little.  We have performed this when asked and can be fun.  The bride takes one shoe off and the groom takes one shoe off and they exchange sitting back to back on the middle of the dance floor.  This usually happens during dinner or some down time in the reception.  The DJ then ask a series of questions such as “who is the better kisser”, and the bride and groom answer by holding up a shoe.  The grooms shoe for the groom, the brides shoe for the bride.  While this routine can be fun and entertaining, it can also be a little awkward.  Questions like “who snoozes the most?” are common place and there might be a very traditional grandparent who doesn’t know the bride and groom have have lived together prior to getting married.  Again, it’s not that “cheesy” which is why put it at #10.







9. Singing Along with the music. This is always bad, especially at a wedding. Just play the music dude!

8.Making Innapropriate Jokes. Or any jokes for that matter. I mean, a cute gesture can be nice. But, a DJ is there to play the music, not be a comedian. It steals the focus away from the guests of honor. Here’s a clip…wait!… Wow this guy is every where! Check it out.

7. Ugly Equipment and Light Shows. There is nothing worse than having a beautiful reception space that you spent thousands of dollars on to be ruined by this…







6. Fist Pumping. Nuff Said.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 12.09.38 PM







5. Fake Mixing. Any DJ Pretending to Mix and Scratch or add effects to the music when it is simply in the song itself. Fun video below. Love this one. Notice is mixer, or whatever that thing is, is not plugged in!

4. Poorly Dressed. I have seen and heard the madness. DJs wearing graphic tees and in siting “fist pumping” see #6. That actually happened here in Atlanta.












3. Using Props. If you see your wedding DJ break out some giant fuzzy dice during “Don’t Stop Believing” (during the roll the dice line…or at any point for that matter)….RUN!










2. The “Chik-erena-Slide.” Playing the Chicken Dance, the Macarena, or the Electric Slide.







and the number One “Cheesiest” Wedding DJ Routines?
1. Teaching Line Dances! We didn’t say playing line dance, but teaching them. Worse, is if the DJ suddenly breaks out lays and forces a conga line to ensue! My motto: “Conga Lines, Great For Cruise Ships, Bad For Weddings”

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