Top 10 questions to ask before booking your wedding dj

Your wedding is an important event for you – but aside from the fact that you will want to feel like the king and queen of the night, you will also want your guests to feel excellent as well. Music plays a more than crucial role in making your guests feel perfect at your wedding. However, choosing the right wedding DJ is not an easy task. Read on and find out the top 10 questions you absolutely have to ask your DJ before booking! (photo credit: Renee Brock)

10. Do you offer a written contract? This question may seem silly, but it is very important that you have everything written on paper and signed – just to make sure you know exactly what you are signing up for. 9. How much experience do you have when it comes to weddings? Being a DJ is one thing, but being a wedding DJ is a completely different thing. As a wedding DJ, experience plays an important role and you will have to make sure your DJ has plenty of it. This way, he/she will know exactly how to entertain a diverse crowd! 8. Can I see you at a booking? Most likely, your DJ will not be able to invite you at someone else’s wedding, but it is definitely worth asking though! In case the answer is “no”, ask the following question. 7. Do you have some reviews from your previous clients? Listening or reading to what previous clients have to say can be golden when it comes to determining whether or not a DJ is worthy of your time and money. So make sure you do this! 6. What kind of equipment do you have? Although you may not be actually knowledgeable when it comes to sound equipment, you can still get a good idea of the quality of a DJ’s services by asking this. Also, remember to ask your DJ if he/she has a backup in case anything goes wrong 5. What kind of music can you play? Remember that your wedding guests will have different musical tastes, so you will have to make sure all of them are entertained. 4. Do you have any suggestions for the first dance song? An experienced DJ has probably mixed many songs for the first dance so he/she will be able to advise you when it comes to this as well. 3. Do you have any suggestions for the other dances and important moments (father-daughter, mother-son, the wedding cake and so on)? Again, the experience of your DJ will have a say in this, so make sure to ask for his/her advice. 2.  Can you direct me to other wedding services providers (planners, caterers, etc.)? If your wedding DJ has lots of experience, he/she will be able to recommend you to excellent wedding services providers he/she has worked with before as well. 1. When will you come to set up your equipment? This is important to know because it will offer you with an idea of how to plan everything else related to your wedding so remember to ask the question. If you are searching for an excellent wedding DJ in the Atlanta area (or nationwide, for that matter), do check out with AMPD Atlanta. We have the experience and the know-how necessary to make your wedding unforgettable for every single guest you invite! Photo source: Hope