Go Green at Your Wedding Reception

Being part of people’s greatest days of their lives is our specialty here at AMP’D Entertainment. We love bringing happiness and joy at our clients’ weddings and events – and even more than that, we love capturing them in a way that will make everything unforgettable.


Going green for your wedding reception can have a lot of meanings. Aside from going “bio” for your wedding food and for the other things related to your wedding, we have also come up with a new and exciting way green can be part of your wedding. Our Lime Light Photo Booth is an amazing choice if you want to provide your guests with something fun to do. Why would you go for it? Here are some of the main reasons that will definitely convince you:


  • The Lime Light Photo Booth features a simple green screen that can transform into the most amazing photo backgrounds possible!
  • There is a huge range of options when it comes to what you can put on the backdrop of your guests’ photos. From surreally beautiful landscape photos to photos inspired by video games and movies, the number of options you can choose from is limitless.
  • In fact, you can choose your very own, customized background for the photos that are taken in the Lime Light Photo Booth. This will allow you to add uniqueness and originality to your wedding and it will definitely entertain your guests as well.
  • The photo booth will show your guests how their picture looks instantly, so they will not have to wait until someone edits the photo to add the background. Instant fun!

For more information about the Lime Light Photo Booth and about the other wedding and event entertainment options we have in store for you, do not hesitate to contact AMP’D Entertainment. We can be there for your big day to provide you and your guests with high quality music, lightning, photo booths and video services so that your wedding turns out truly memorable!

Photo source: Amp’d Entertainment