Creating Your Wedding Playlist (for DJs)

As a DJ that performs several weddings, I find there are several methods to creating a DJ playlist.  I can tell you as a veteran, DJ, this method is the best.

First, you should be using a online software like DJ Event Planner or DJ Intelligence.  If you’re a professional, you should have a professional resource to help your clients with their music planning.

Second, create a folder in iTunes for all of their special songs (first dance, ceremony music, cake cutting, parent dances, garter/boquet toss, last dance, etc.).

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 1.43.11 PM

Third, open your software.  I use Serato.  Drag and drop each song in the player to make sure they play.  Some songs are protected by copyright laws and will not play in your software.  There is nothing worse that showing up unprepared, ready to cue up the first dance to find that it won’t play.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 1.53.33 PM

During the reception, you can always go back to this iTunes playlist within your DJ Software.  This will be much easier to cue up your music when it’s all in one place.  If you’re having to emcee such as in moments like the garter and bouquet toss, it will be much easier without having to search for the songs themselves.  Don’t feel like you need to put the entire playlist into your iTunes folder.  That is a giant waste of time.

To take it one step further, if you need to play music for the ceremony, an iPad or iPod can be a great tool.  Remember, you have already save your iTunes playlist so it’s simple to transfer it over to your iPad.  I prefer to use the Alto Speaker.  It has an iPad dock and an input for a microphone.  Our clients prefer a lapel mic.


As one more backup, I recommend going to Radio Shack and getting an RCA to mini jack.  In case any computer crashes or a port doesn’t work, it will come in handy.

So, this article is also about having a backup.  Computers can crash.  Hard drives can crash, so creating your playlist in iTunes is your best shot.  If you don’t use iTunes, get with the rest of the world.  By saving your music to iTunes, you ensure that your special songs for the wedding are saved to your internal drive.  It’s also easy to create a backup on an iPad or iPod.

For more information or to hire a DJ that always has a backup, check our availability below!