Reasons Why You Should Make a Dress Change for Your Wedding Reception

Amp'd Atlanta

Choosing one wedding gown can sometimes be quite tricky. These days, the range of options you have when it comes to your wedding dress is almost endless. So many designs, lengths and even colors to choose from!

Good news is that you don’t necessarily have to decide on one gown only. You can always go for the option of picking two or more dresses if your budget allows it. Here are some of the main reasons many brides make a dress change on their big wedding day.

  • They simply cannot decide. As mentioned before, with so many options available, it is no wonder that this decision is difficult to make.
  • They want to wear their mother’s dresses, but they also want a new dress as well.
  • They simply want to feel unique and gorgeous and they feel that making a dress change helps with that.
  • They are having an outdoor summer ceremony and they want to get change into another dress for the party so that they feel fresh and beautiful.
  • They belong to a culture where a dress change is actually expected of the bride. Some Asian cultures will require the bride to change her gown at least two times throughout her wedding day!
  • They want to wear two different dresses: a very long, ball gown for the wedding ceremony and a shorter and more comfortable one for the reception. This allows them to enjoy their reception and dance freely without giving up on that very special “princess” feeling either.

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