Sarah+Dave | Outdoorsy Hipster Wedding album has been published in The Inspired Bride

11/15/14- Pulled from the Inspired Bride.  Photo Credit, Audra Starr.

Sarah+Dave are dog-loving, indie music blaring, motorcycle riding, classy hipsters… there’s really no other way to describe them! Their eclectic personalities blended with traditional styles made their wedding a perfect fit for this perfect pair. They incorporated their love of nature and all things outdoorsy by creating the cutest “Happy trails” Trail mix jars for each of their guests. They also had a popcorn tower since snuggling up and watching movies is one of their fave pastimes. And of COURSE their two dogs walked down the aisle as well, since they’re a part of the family after all! The DJ kept the party going all night long by playing some of Dave’s fave indie jams, steering away from the run-of-the-mill wedding playlists while still keeping the crowds a-grooving. Watching their guests pile in and out of their funky photo booth was a riot too, while everyone used their photo strip as their guestbook contribution. They included so many personal touches to make this small, intimate affair something special for everyone.




What were the highlights from the ceremony & reception?

The time they got to spend with their dogs was pretty endearing – they truly are members of their family! They each had their own dogs before they met, and their parents walked them down the aisle during the ceremony. The reception was also REALLY fun – the DJ catered to Dave’s alternative music tastes so people were really getting down!


Photographer:  Audra Starr Photography
DJ: Amp’d Atlanta
Event Planner: Memories Made Events, LLC
Cake Designer:Alpine Bakery