PHDJ Workshop Was A Hit in Raleigh! Amp’d DJ Mike Walsh Featured in Highlight Vid!

April, 16th, 2015

PHDJ Workshop, April 7th & 8th, 2015, Raleigh, North Carolina.
Joe Bunn, Bunn DJ Co, Raleigh, NC
Mike Walter, Elite Entertainment, NJ

Monday, April 6th, was

8:00pm-10:00pm – Cocktail Reception, Meet & Greet with Mike Walter & Joe Bunn (optional)

It’s great to build the relationships with other DJs over a beer.  You might be doing one thing in one market and glad to hear it’s being done in another city.  You may catch on to a new trend that other DJs are doing that you are not.   Our industry is very scattered and without an educational system, there is no standard.  Customer satisfaction is the ultimate dertiminate of quality but it’s good to know there are groups of DJs that want to learn from one another and network.



-Marketing to the New Millennial

 –Selling Down (Getting Your Staff Booked)

– The Key to Success: Generating Quality Referrals  (Vendor List & Performances)



– Performance Workshop

 – Finding Balance as a Small Business Owner

To sum up the workshop, the first day was more about sales and marketing your DJ business and Wednesday was more about improving your performance and how to capitalize on those great performances.  This is key.  For those reading this that may be using our service or considering using our service, it’s good to know that a company is dedicated to not just improving it’s business but the performance of the actual business they’re in.  You know that a company is dedicated to your special event not just because they respond quickly to an email, but because they are seeking out the best training and techniques and in turn teaching their staff.  We here at Amp’d Entertainment host monthly “jam sessions” where we teach our staff great scratch and remix techniques.  I believe after this conference, we are going to up the frequency of training and focus on emcee training as well.

I’d say a highlight for me is when we took Wednesday afternoon to go to a bar and practice the “bridal party introductions” in front of one another.  I have done this in my sleep in front of hundreds but was nervous as hell to do it in front of my peers.  It takes being willing to take criticism and a desire to improve your performance.

Another aspect of the conference, is that Mike and Joe are not trying to change the style of your company in any way.  There is no pressure to learn how to DJ like they do.  I think there are great things to implement no matter what type of service you offer.  You just have to gear the message toward your company in your own way.

 For instance, Elite Entertainment hosts a Showcase every year.  This is a great way for potential clients to come out and see your company due to the fact that they would not have a chance to otherwise.  Here at Amp’d Entertainment, we are hoping to have our own version in the summer.  Because our market reach is a little smaller, we are inviting potential clients as well as industry vendors for a summer fun networking event.  It will couple as our Open House so look out for an invite soon!

PhDJ Workshop Testimonials from April 2015 from Elite Entertainment on Vimeo.