Liz + Nick, The Peachtree Club, 4.18.15, Atlanta GA

April 19, 2015

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Although a bit rainy, It was a beautiful day on the 28th Floor Terrace of 999 Peachtree at one of our favorite spots, The Peachtree Club in Midtown Atlanta.

the Parents and Bridal Party came down the aisle to: Beatles – Here Comes the Sun (instrumental).  Liz came out to a beautiful rendition of “I Want To Hold Your Hand” by Kitt Bender.

They said “I do” and would exit to original version of “I want to hold your hand” by the Beatles.

After the cocktail hour, guests were invited back on to the terrace for very creative bridal party introductions and First Dance.

song: Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk

● Denise & Jimmy ­ The woman who taught the Bride ‘Grace and Charm’ and who conveniently had a broken ankle during the entire wedding planning process, Mother­of­ the­Bride Denise! Escorted by her man­candy and better half, Mr. James!
● Dan W & Tracy ­ The man who taught the Groom anything can be made or fixed, from a pinewood derby car to rebuilding a Jeep, to building a house, Father­of­the­Groom Dan! Escorting Ms. Tracy.
● Val & Dan E ­ Flying in from Chicago, one of the Bride’s best college friends and roommates who bonded over Sundaes on Saturdays, Ms. Valerie! Escorted by the Groom’s college friend with twice as much hair on his face than on top of his head, Dan!
● Katie & Jean Paul ­ Another Georgia Tech best friend of the Bride, Yellow Jacket for life, and recent member of the Torn ACL club, Ms. Katie! Escorted by the cornhole and hotly debated BBQ champion of the world, Jean­-Paul!
● Emer & JM ­ Coming in all the way from the Mile High City and 2 days early to the party, Sister­of­the­Groom Ms. Emer! Escorted by the man with more titles than names, Best Man Chef Sargent Jon­Michael Douglas, MBA.
● Emily & Alex ­ Meeting in the low brass section in band, the Bride’s high school best friend and Eno River Women’s Rugby President Ms. Emily! And the Bride’s beautiful little sister who has a meme perfect for any situation, coming in from the Windy City Maid­of­Honor Alex!
● Liz & Nick ­ Your hosts for the evening, for the first time as husband and wife, Nick and Liz!

Fist Dance: Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World

Another highlight was Liz’s rendition of the “Single Ladies” dance before tossing the bouquet!

They brought out glow sticks and preceded to dance the night away. They shook it one more time to Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline and headed downstairs for their sparkler send off.

Congrats, Nic + Liz!