#KennyandLindsayG, May 23rd, 2015

May, 24th, 2015

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It’s not often as a professional, you get the opportunity to spin for personal friends but in this case, DJ Mike Walsh got a chance to put on a party for Lindsay and Kenny.  They held a Catholic mass and arrived at a beautiful outdoor venue, Ashley Belle Landing in Eatonton, GA, for their after party.


Amp’d Entertainment provided the DJ Service as well as our Limelight Photo Booth, which was a huge hit!

photo 4-2IMG_0793.JPG IMG_0794.JPGGuests danced all night and toasted to the happy couple.  Mike, being a personal friend, was given free license to remix the night away!


photo 3-2Look for party pics and photo booth shots to come soon!

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Congrats, Lindsay and Kenny!

Vendor Team

Hope Follmer- Reception Coordinator

Stephanie- Ashley Belle Landings on site Manager

Mary and Todd Sterrenberg- Wedding Ceremony Coordinator

Kim Asip- Flower and Decor Coordinator

Quentin Snow- Videographer (highlights coming soon!)

Scott Beutjer, Snapscott Photography– Photographer (photos not shown here yet)

Amp’d Entertainment– DJ and Photo Booth

Dawn Stark- Old Testment Reading (and help with decor)

Carol Tiarsmith- New Testament Reading (and help with decor)

Michael Fleisch- Musician/Pianist

Joyce Gruschow-Featured Musician and Singer