Live Sound and Brookhaven Beer Fest

I had a break in my wedding schedule last weekend. While I love playing weddings, I also love doing live sound. As a long time musician I have a passion for helping bands sound their best. This weekend I got to help Jimmy LaFave perform at a retirement party at American Spirit Works. They made my job easy by sounding great before I even put up a mic.

IMG_1135 IMG_1132 IMG_1138

On Saturday our good friends at Spiral Entertainment had me DJ between the bands and handle all of the emcee duties for the record crowd at Brookhaven Beer Fest. I wish I could’ve snagged a picture of the dance floor I managed to start towards the end but I was mixing fast and hitting as many tracks as I could before last call.


Band: Jimmy LaFave

Venue: American Spirit Works

Brookhaven Beer Fest brought to you by Spiral Entertainment