On August 27th, 2015, Amp’d Entertainment hosted our very first Showcase from 6pm-10pm at the SkyLounge at the Glenn Hotel in downtown Atlanta!
The entire team was present and performed individual remix sets.  We were able to showcase to all who attended our talented DJ roster, our lighting and production options as well as our Limelight Photo Booth!  Known as a refreshing alternative to the “tradional wedding DJ” experience, Amp’d is changing the way couples and businesses consider choosing their entertainment.  So, this event was a great way for our clients to taste and see with us, enjoying our Remix’d Wedding Mixes, Our Signature Cocktails and Atlanta’s Best View of the City!  Our Remix’d Lemonade was a our signature cocktail of the evening and Amazing Video was Captured by David Goehring and RadWagon!
6pm – DJ Sires
7pm – Jordy J
8pm – DJ Mike Walsh
9pm – DJ Bigg H vs. DJ Miami
Thank you to the team for helping put this amazing event together and bringing your creativity to the 1s and 2s!  Thank you to all of our prospective couples, clients, current clients and those who give us love in and out of the industry!  Enjoy some event pics below!  More content and video(s) coming soon and stayed tuned for our next Showcase!
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