Are you an Offbeat Bride Atlanta?

As of today, Amp’d Entertainment is proud to be listed as the preferred Atlanta DJ vendor on the Offbeat Bride!  The Offbeat Bride is a wedding blog and site that caters to those who defy the mainstream and who look for alternative ways to experience their wedding that are contrary to the norm.  It’s no surprise that the Offbeat Bride caters to the LGBT community and we are big supporters of that as well!
You can check out our profile as it goes live in 7 days!


How do we cater toward Offbeat Brides and Grooms?
We are NOT your typical “wedding DJs”! We are Creative DJs and it just so happens that a wedding is a great place to be creative! Heck, we think EVERY event is a good place to be creative!!! When you have a diverse crowd with diverse tastes, you need entertainment that is flexible, dynamic and creative. We take everything that is boring and predictable about traditional events and reinvent it with live mashups and remixes. Our team of highly skilled and creative DJs is guaranteed to WOW your crowd and keep everyone talking for a long time to come.


Of course, Amp’d Entertainment is no stranger to the Offbeat Bride or events that stray from the norm.  We were featured for our same sex wedding at King Plow for Belinda and Danielle: Offbeat Blog.  We still keep in touch with the happy couple and always love the reminder of their special and really fun party we got be a part of!


(photo courtesy The Decisive Moment)


The Offbeat Bride is partnered up with the Lovesick Expo and you can check out the latest cities and dates on their site.  In fact, we were asked back to spin for the second year in a row at Lovesick, the alternative bridal show experience, as we defy the mainstream with our creative blend!  Join us in 2016 at the Lovesick Expo at Ambient Plus Studios in Atlanta!


Photos scene above and below, Bri McDaniel, photographer sponsor bragged about our work last year!
Check out the Lovesick Expo and we would love it if you could join us in 2016!  You’ll jammin’ out to DJ Bigg H’s remix and mashup sets and we would love to cheers another PBR with you (that was a popular item last year)!

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Speaking on Lovesick, “It was the definition of what cool really is. There were Burlesque girls from the Atlanta School of Burlesque. There were people on stilts juggling, there was a live action painter, there was a bouncy house, there were fun games, there was an awesome DJ (getting my twerk on courtesy of Amp’d Entertainment) and a great bluegrass band (Seven Handle Circus), and there was some early Sunday drinking. Definition of cool.” -Says, Bri McDaniel, Atlanta Photographer and Really Cool Chic!


January 31, 2016  |  Ambient Plus Studio

  • 585 Wells Street SW, Atlanta, GA 30312
  • 11:00a – 3:00p
  • 21+ to enter
  • Tickets are $15 online and $20 at the door


Grab Your Tickets HERE!