DJ Bigg H and DJ Miami Battle for World Supremacy in Their 2015 Amp’d Showcase Set! (not really…)


Amp’d Entertainment recently hosted our 2015 Showcase at the incredible Sky Lounge on the top of the Glenn Hotel in downtown Atlanta.



Each DJ in our company performed a one hour set and DJ Bigg H and DJ Miami closed out the night with a dueling DJ set!



We had ’em working hard with a creative set featuring everything that puts Amp’d Entertainment a notch above other DJ companies:   live mashups, remixes, and turntablist techniques.



Live remixes and mashups are always difficult to pull off, but when you have two DJs trying to coordinate up to 5 tracks playing simultaneously and you have to do it all by ear, it can get down right crazy!



Fortunately, DJ Bigg H and DJ Miami are seasoned pros!  They even had time to grab a drink between mixes…



We hope this live mix from DJ Bigg H and DJ Miami can hold you over until we get to play for everyone again sometime soon!