Scott & Jamie Rock Out at Reid Barn!


It was a gorgeous Fall Saturday as we began the ceremony for Scott and Jamie at the Reid Barn in Cumming, Georgia.


1st we were visited by our friendly resident of the Reid Barn, Shelton the Duck! He was born at the Shelton wedding here and has been greeting guests ever since.
We were enjoying some beautiful fall weather so Diana and I had to enjoy some yummy coffee during our set up!
The newest photo booth was about to make it’s debut.  We present to you esteemed ladies and gents,…KONG!!!  Oh, sorry, I mean, the Moonlite Booth!IMG_3749 IMG_3759 IMG_3737 IMG_3738unnamed-5
Diana created this amazing backdrop made out of burlap!  It can be draped over a burlap backdrop or over a venue’s natural setting.  A backdrop like this was the perfect accompaniment for the great and mythical Moonlite Booth!IMG_3743
Another visit from Sheton the Duck!IMG_3707
Scott & Jamie opened up the dance floor with their first dance, to Your Everything by Keith Urban.IMG_3714 IMG_3716
The dance floor erupted as I worked out a great remix set while Diana greeted guests at the Moonlite Booth.IMG_3726 IMG_3734 IMG_3761 IMG_3764 IMG_3765 IMG_3766 IMG_3768 IMG_3774
Watch Me Whip! One thing that was very unique about this wedding was that there were a lot of teens and kids who attended.  Everyone of all ages had a blast as I mashed the old with the modern.  Now watch me Nay Nay!
Amazing photo below captured by Happy Kiss Photography!


Congrats, Scott and Jamie!  We look forward to rockin’ another party for you and your family again soon!