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Let’s Go Bowling!


March, 25th, 2016.
 Amp’d Entertainment hosted our employee appreciation party at the Painted Pin in Buckhead!  We had a slammed December 2015 where we we had a DJ working every night, so this was a chance to get everyone out together!12592574_10153514983912467_7476968007365940286_n
DJ Sires and Diana with Starlite Photo Booth!12923253_10153514983892467_8160132919155552718_n
Peter, AKA DJ P2, and Mike Walsh having a throw down at the hoops!  12936503_10153514983857467_7766863656886168782_n
Diana and DJ JC!12928248_10153514984052467_6740904349333957166_n 12933025_10153514983837467_2813626369128038236_n 12039748_10153514983977467_1818369232990320296_n 12524218_10153514983777467_7592898996916209926_n 12592584_10153514983927467_4738371989723459874_n
Mike and DJ Ric Spice!12924414_10153514983722467_1525424801541251755_n
Thanks to all of our staff members who have rocked out in 2015 and the first quarter of 2016!   We had a blast!