Karen and Chris’s Killer Dance Routine w/ Jordan J

I’d never been Brasstown Valley before this event. Now I know why it’s one of Mike’s favorite places. The views and setting are more than worth the 2.5 hour drive from Atlanta. I wish I’d planned better and gotten a room!

Karen is an ambitious young grad student with a lot on her plate. Despite studying for finals, she still took the time to handpick all of her vendors, thus I was honored to be a part of her team. She had a videographer so I didn’t shoot as much as I normally do, but I had to capture their awesome choreographed dance routine and you HAVE to see it!

Choreographed Dance Routine at Brasstown Valley! from Amp’d Entertainment on Vimeo.

Venue – Brasstown Valley Resort

Photography – Melissa Bugg, The Decisive Moment

Videography – Paul Wages

DJ – Jordan J at Amp’d Entertainment