"Girl wave ya hand,
make dem see the wedding band."
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We are not your typical wedding DJs because we are not a wedding DJ company. AMP’D ENTERTAINMENT is a creative DJ company and we think that weddings are a great place to be creative! We believe that now two couples are alike, so no two weddings should sound the same. We start from scratch to craft an entertainment experience that highlights and celebrates the music that makes you and your friends and family unique. No cookie cutter “same 20 songs you hear at every wedding” playlists from us. Just a focus on the music that is uniquely personal to you. And of course we happily fill in the gaps with the crowd pleasers that everyone loves. But our team of turntable wizards can update those classics to make sure they sound fresh and contemporary again.

If you are anything like us, you are tired of the “push button DJ” approach. Well, there are no posers in this crew, only real DJs doing real DJ work: live mashups and remixes, sampling , scratching, and quick mixing so you get to hear more songs. And our polished MCs will handle all of your crowd control needs without making it about us. With AMP’D ENTERTAINMENT, you are the star of the show from Ceremony to Send Off.

If you are a music lover and want a tailored wedding experience filled with creativity and personal attention, you are exactly who we created this company to serve. Get in touch today and find out how AMP’D ENTERTAINMENT can remix YOUR wedding!