Atlanta Wedding DJ

Amp’d Entertainment Is Your Atlanta DJ.

Thinking of a traditional wedding DJ? Scratch that. Our mixologists and emcees guarantee your guests will enjoy an unforgettable and unique celebration.

If you need experienced and highly recommended creative DJs for a same sex or traditional union in the Atlanta area, turn to Amp’d Entertainment for a reliable solution. There are many options for DJs in Atlanta, but since music and entertainment are such a big part of your big day, don’t leave it to someone who may turn out to be a sloppy professional. Instead, work with an organization that has built its name on connecting loving couples with the perfect DJs and emcees for their celebrations.


Wedding Services: DJs and Emcees

Don’t trust a hobbyist or semi-professional to deliver on your once-in-a-lifetime event. When it comes to your special event, you need professionals with a music background and plenty of wedding experience. Expanding beyond the stereotype of DJs who just press play, our creatives amplify the theme of your event through a stylish, appropriate presentation, and they have the ability to deliver a music experience that’s anything but boilerplate. Here’s how:

  • Professionalism. Our sound experts will embody professionalism in everything they do, from attire to music selection and composition to persona. If you want a DJ, but don’t want the dancing to feel like a club scene, we will match you with a professional who understands how to celebrate a wedding with class and still be entertaining. Don’t hire an untested DJ who can’t tell the difference.
  • Entertainment. Our DJs know how to entertain. If you work with an individual not represented by an established industry expert, you may be matched with someone who’s introverted or thinks mixing is all about dancing silently behind a set of headphones. Don’t let an awkward musician confuse or distract your guests. Rely on a knowledgeable performer who can keep your guests entertained and enveloped in the magic of your carefully planned wedding.
  • A unique experience. Want a DJ who can design a music experience around your 1920s themed wedding? How about a Mixologist who knows how to turn things up for a modern Havana Club experience when the lights go down? Regardless of your unique ideas or theme, our professional team is standing by to hear your plans. Work with us to guarantee the music and entertainment complements the event exactly as you have envisioned. Don’t rely on others who cannot offer this type of guarantee, as you may end up with a DJ who has only performed at certain types of events or venues in Atlanta.


Our DJs and Emcees are professionals who tailor fit their art to your unique event. Don’t hire a generic DJ or someone with a bland approach to the trade. Our mixologists truly entertain with live mash ups and creative mixes that will make your ceremony stand apart from all others. They’re also experienced with emceeing, too, so you can count on true masters of ceremony to make sure your event runs smoothly. Rely on our trusted emcees for the following:

  • Event direction. Keep everyone in the know. Guests will never feel lost or wonder what the next step in the ceremony is with a confident and knowledgeable emcee. Why put a mic in the hands of someone who may speak out of turn or not know how to direct a crowd?
  • Keep guests entertained and engaged. Playing music is a small part of the entertainment we deliver. Our emcees can talk to your guests naturally and comfortably, and they know how to get an audience to cut loose.
  • Avoid awkward moments. Rigidity can make your entire event uncomfortable. Luckily, you can count on a professional emcee to avoid this exact problem. He or she will make sure the event flows smoothly and appropriately.
  • Get your guests to participate. When everyone is relaxed and having a good time, your wedding will stand out as an event everyone enjoyed. With a talented emcee, everyone will feel like they were a part of your big day. He or she will have a knack for engaging the audience, and as such, everyone will feel free to participate and contribute to shared memories.

As talented musicians and emcees, our skilled team of blenders embody the definition of a master of ceremony. They ensure everyone stays in the right mood for your festivities. Your event will be anything but dull when you call on our talented DJs and emcees.

Equipment and Personalization

Using turntables, cutting-edge decks, mixers, and unique, fresh music libraries, our select creatives can customize a wedding experience beyond simply organizing a playlist. These are entertainers, and they understand how to apply the right techniques for a successful event. They are comfortable and experienced leading a crowd, so you can rest easy knowing your event will be a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave a lasting impression. Here’s how they use modern equipment and techniques to deliver an unforgettable night:

  • Playlists. A good vibe can be killed by a misplaced song or poorly timed transition. Our experts know how to build a library of songs to fit each event they perform at, and you can rest easy knowing that they don’t rely on clichés or the old bag of tricks – unless that’s the theme you’re going for. Otherwise, our team knows how to mix things up for a magical time.
  • Turntables and decks. This equipment is one of many tools our musicians rely on to perform. Our experts can physically manipulate sound at your event to fit the mood of the crowd or push everyone in a new direction.
  • Lights and sounds. Lights are another important part of a big show. The DJs and emcees we work with have experience working with lights and comparable effects, so you can depend on a sensory experience with an artist who is comfortable seamlessly blending effects to guarantee everyone gets lost in the moment.
  • Mixing boards. Audio mixers and consoles are another indispensable tool in our artists’ wheelhouse. Don’t get stuck with a creative who doesn’t know how to optimize the sound from venue to venue. You will hear the difference when you work with a professional who understands how to balance the music between the line of overpowering and dull. Someone who doesn’t understand mixing boards should never be hired to perform at your wedding.

Our experts know how to make the music fit the scene. Whether you’re saying your vows at the Fox Theater or cutting loose at the Ashton Gardens, count on our expertise to deliver an appropriate, unforgettable experience. With experience performing in and around the area, you can work with a mixologist who has experience in the venues throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area. They will know how to manipulate the volume levels for the best possible experience, and with industry connections, they will know the ins and outs of whatever venue you choose. Don’t rely on an amateur who has never stepped foot on the property before.

Work With A True Atlanta Wedding DJ

We may perform at weddings, but our DJs are far from traditional. Putting a mic in the wrong hands can be the difference between a cookie cutter wedding and a knockout. Trust professionals with decades of combined experience who will put the right touch on your event, taking it from average to exceptional.