DJ Bigg H’s Mashups and Remixes

A word from DJ Bigg H:

“This page contains every mashup and remix I’ve ever released to the public over my long career starting in 1998. I took a course in electronic music production in college and around the same time I bought my first turntable from a thrift store. Soon I was DJing on the regular, but I always saw DJing as an opportunity to not only expose people to new music but also present music they know in a new and creative way.

I’ve always loved remixes, often more than the originals, and I was captivated by DJs I heard doing live mashups. This was still really early in the scene and I thought I’d give it a try. I threw on one of my favorite breaks, It Takes Two, and got the idea of rocking some Tom Petty over it. My background in production, although it was only rudimentary, served me well and the track was a hit in the mashup scene. You can still find it pop up on Best of Mashups compilations from time to time. Now, so many years later, I still love that track!

Not all of my tracks have aged that well. Some of them are out of key, sloppy, or just plain boring. But I try to make an effort to always move forward and not live my life in the rear view mirror, so I’d rather make new tracks than fix the old ones. I present them to you in all of their naked glory, warts and all. There are unquestionably some absolute gems in here–tracks that I play all the time in my sets. I hope you will get as much enjoyment out of them as I have. Enjoy and let me know what you like!”

–DJ Bigg H



Tracks are listed from most recent to oldest. To download tracks, click the playlist title.
As always, let me know what you like and don’t like.  Enjoy!

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