Green Screen

With cutting edge green screen background removal technology our software allows you to bring you clients anywhere you can imagine, digitally. Chroma key green screens are in the forefront of cutting edge options for your company. You can build a complete theme for any event and include several background choices.

Green screen is simple to use and already included in our software with the Turn Key Edition. The software replaces the green background with any jpeg image of your choosing. The live view replaces the background in real time allowing guests to see themselves in the new environment. Not only can create a background, but also a foreground overlay to add to the dynamics of your green screen image, or branding. Green screen software produces a high quality image with any background you can imagine, giving you limitless control out your booth! Green Screen is ideal for corporate events and branding, or making a wedding extra magical.
Here is a little sample of how we can make your next event extradorinary!

Functionality and Style!